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October 24, 2013
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this girl is on f i r e by Sweetsunnyrain this girl is on f i r e by Sweetsunnyrain

 :iconlex-ferenda: :iconlex-ferenda: :iconlex-ferenda: :iconlex-ferenda: :iconlex-ferenda:

  you know what they say about liars 

Hh giving a whack at this swanky lookin' Harry Potter group!

Huff huff I hope I get in! 

████████████████ SH♔W ME H↻W T↺ LIE, Y♔U'RE GETTING BETTER ALL THE TIME ████ ↷ 

        and turning all against the one is an art that's hard to teach


✤{ N A M E } 

    Maeve Brekenridge

✤{ A G E } 


✤ { H O U S E } 


✤{ B I R T H D A T E } 

    November 14th, 1997

✤{ H E I G H T & W E I G H T } 

    152 cm || 45 kg

✤ { P E T } 

    Snuffles || Himalayan Cat

    Though his name and appearance suggest otherwise, Snuffles is a cat that is self absorbed, narcissistic, and rather judgmental when it comes to the people he interacts with. Similar to his owner, first impressions are the only deciding factor of whether or not he likes you. If you sit on his tail (accident or not), Snuffles would probably make it his mission to scratch at you whenever he'd see you again. Actually, most things get on his nerves, so it's rather tough to really make more than a mediocre impression on him. Maeve is one of the only people he’s ever taken a liking to—the rest just have to deal with his ever present hissing and clawing.


      and as you step back into line, a mob jumps to their feet


✤{ W A N D & I N G R E D I E N T S } 

    Dragon Heartsring || Hawthorn || Springy || 9”

✤{ S P E L L & L I S T } 

    Locomotor Mortis
    Locks the legs of a victim together, preventing them from moving independently of each other.

    Creates a blindfold over a victim's eyes. It may be physically or magically removed.

    The victim experiences tickling sensations all over the body, a very distracting condition.

    Causes a specified object to move at the discretion of the caster, usually directed by movements of the wand.

    Conjures a flock of small birds that emerge from the caster's wand. Creative wizards have used this offensively.

    Causes conjured objects or creatures to attack a victim.

    Causes the steps on a stairway to flatten into a ramp or slide. Glisseo could conceivably be used on other surfaces as well.

✤{ E X T R A C U R R I C U L A R & E L E C T I V E S }

    Care of Magical Creatures
    Ghoul Studies

████████████████ WITH A TH♔USAND LIES, AND A G↻↺D DISGUISE ████ ↷ 

      hit 'em right between the eyes, hit 'em right between the eyes


✤{ P E R S O N A L I T Y }

    Let’s get straight to the point: Maeve is a compulsive liar. She believes that lying is her shelter. If she can control the people around her with her falsified truths, then they cannot touch her, and she will be safe. To Maeve, lying is the foundation of her world, and without it, she herself will crumble. She lies on a daily basis, scattering them around her like breadcrumbs on a forgotten trail, twisting the truth to gain the favor of other people, so much that sometimes even she herself believes them. The breakfast she has this morning changes with each person she talks to; her past alters and adjusts itself each time she tells her story—all to protect this little girl form the frightening existence she has been living.

    Though her first year days have long since passed, Maeve still finds herself startled easily by the touch of another witch or wizard, often jumping and answering their calls with a, “Y-yes?!” The girl is easily startled and doesn’t take well to surprises; she’ll often freeze up if anything unexpected happens, leading to faults in her lies and loss during dueling matches.

    Even though one may not think it, Maeve is definitely one to hold grudges and remember embarrassing events that have happened in her past involving the person at hand. First impressions are always very significant to Maeve, and once she has a particular image of you in her head, dispelling that image proves to be a challenge. She also tends to be a bit of a coward in a way; if Maeve suffers through a bad experience with someone, she will try to avoid said person unless it becomes absolutely necessary to interact with them.

    Maeve is shy, and due to the events that had transpired in her past becomes intimidated by certain people easily. It is simple to get her flustered, and she will often stutter if surprised or teased. However, this does not mean that Maeve herself is unable to approach others with a response to the topic at hand, for the female has a tendency to attempt to squeeze herself into social situations, even if she herself is not fully capable of reacting to the company of others due to her shyness. These sides of her personality are rather contradictory, as one may often find Maeve making an attempt to interact with people in a group, but ending up with her tongue-tied in knots and a fierce blush on her face.

    The one thing that marks her as a true Slytherin is her deceitful and manipulative behavior, which Maeve wields with ease. Her lying comes as easily to her as breathing does, and once she’s spent enough time with a person, she’ll know exactly how to appeal to their specific personality and gain their acceptance- the only thing that she really wants to achieve. The way she acts is subconsciously geared to earn the pity of others. Her only goal is to find a safe and secure place for herself in her own heart; nothing else matters, and Maeve will not hesitate to take action against others (albeit in a sly manner) to do this.

✤{ H I S T O R Y }

    She was born in a small town located within Ireland to muggle parents, where she was taken care of quite lovingly—that is, until her magical ability began to sneak its way into her life. You see, this little town Maeve lived in was heavily religious, and any type of idiosyncrasy that was unexplainable found itself immediately spurned by the entirety of the town. Things were relatively explainable at the start; if Maeve’s magic blew a sudden wind through the pages of a book, it was assumed that a breeze had drafted in through the doorway—even if the windows were locked tight and the door hadn’t been opened for the last five minutes. In the beginning, people refused to see the little girl that deviated from the norm in their town.

    However, that all changed when her magic began doing things that were much more noticeable. The old lady across the street woke up to see that the foliage on her tree was turning a crisp golden red color, despite it still being in the middle of spring. Items were pushed off of shelves by an invisible force, and one day, Jamie, a boy who had often played with Maeve, found himself unable to open his mouth for a full day after getting into an argument with her. This greatly startled the townspeople, and rumors of “that witch girl” began to spread throughout the neighborhood, and Maeve quickly found herself being ostracized by the whole of the town. Parents would tell their children to stay away from her, while they themselves gossiped about the Brekenridge family behind closed doors. The bullying started soon afterwards.

    Her parents didn’t know what to think—after all, they had loved their little girl very much before the magic started. However, these days, even they felt intimidated by the nine year-old child’s presence, and had no idea how to prepare for the future.

    Maeve, being raised with strictly Catholic beliefs, was also terrified. Her untamable magic left her in a state of panic, as the poor girl couldn’t control it in the slightest. These strange abilities frightened Maeve; her very existence conflicted with the values she’d been taught since she was born, and she hated it. It always seemed to appear in times when she felt threatened or cornered by something, and whenever her magic showed itself, kids would laugh, taunt, and sometimes even hit her, while the adults turned a blind eye. This created an endless circle of anxiety and self blame that left Maeve miserable and afraid.

    It was then that Maeve first discovered the magic of lies. The idea of it slipped into her mind one day; lies could cover up her mistakes, and that people submitted to lies more easily than they did the truth. She began to lie to her classmates, trying to earn their pity by telling them that her dog died the other day, or that she lost her favorite doll. To her surprise, the bullying ceased for a few days after she tried lying for the first time. However, those attempts worked only the first few times they were executed; the bullies would always revert back to their practice of teasing and hurting her. Nevertheless, the minor success Maeve had with her first few lying sprees caused the her to believe that if practiced right, lying could change her entire world to her liking, so she continued to train her fibbing skills. The half-truths and no truths began to pile up on top of each other, soon forming a wall between the frightened child and the world she feared, making it a slightly better place for her to exist. Even so, the bullying never truly ceased to stop.

    On the fourteenth of November, an event occurred that turned the child’s already unstable world upside down. That morning, an owl sailed in through the window of the Brekenridge’s second story apartment with an envelope in tow, causing quite the stir in the small household. Upon reading the contents of the letter, Maeve’s parents were incredulous. Eileen and Alastar Brekenridge believed that the letter was a fake, something made up by the bullies that often liked to mess with their daughter. However, when a teacher from Hogwarts arrived to pick Maeve up, the family could no longer deny the truth, no matter how ridiculous it seemed. In the end, it was decided that Maeve would enter Hogwarts. As they watched their child walk away from the town she had lived in for the last eleven years, Eileen and Alastar both felt a surprising weight lift itself off of their hearts.

    Maeve was uneasy. After all, a school for witchcraft sounded terrifying to the young child, who still stuck to the religious values she’d been taught. However, her parents had already given her to the academy, and the girl could no longer return to the house. So, with her heart beating out of her chest and a mind full of chaos, the young witch headed to the school for magic.

    Her first two years at Hogwarts were the most frightening events that she had ever experienced. Not only was the girl totally uneducated when it came to the wizarding world, but to top it all off, Maeve had been placed into Slytherin during the sorting ceremony. After joining the House, she soon learned that being muggle born in Slytherin was something undesirable, and would most likely lead to harassment. Terrified at the prospect, Maeve’s lies began to trickle out of her mouth again, soon transforming themselves into an avalanche of words that shielded Maeve from any danger. She grew more cunning, more manipulative, learning to insert a lie into her story at the exact moment it was needed, in order to appeal to others and gain their affection. Her religious beliefs slowly faded, and over the next three years, Maeve began to get used to living in Hogwarts.

✤{ V O I C E }

✤{ L I K E S & D I S L I K E S }

    ( ↑ ) Hot drinks
    ( ↑ ) Acceptance
    ( ↑ ) Most animals
    ( ↑ ) Cuddling
    ( ↑ ) Cat naps

    ( ↓ ) Thunder
    ( ↓ ) Skeptics
    ( ↓ ) Sweets
    ( ↓ ) Small dogs
    ( ↓ ) Confrontation

✤{ F A M I L Y }

    Eileen Brekenridge || Mother || 43 
    Alastar Brekenridge || Father || 47

✤{ R E L A T I O N S H I P S }

    to be added

████████████████ WHEN Y♔U WALK AWAY, N♔THING MORE T↻ SAY  ████ ↷ 

      see the lightning in their eyes, see 'em running for their lives


✤{ E T C E T E R A }

    • Maeve’s dueling style lies in making use of the unexpected. The arrays of spells she’s versed in are ranged and seemingly random. However, Maeve can harness these strange and ridiculous spells to her advantage, creating a rather unpredictable battle—that is, as long as she’s got the upper hand. Once her spell streak has been disrupted, Maeve begins to panic, and her spells become rather haphazardly flung at her opponent, which will most likely lead to her loss of the duel.

    • The most consistent lie that Maeve has told is that she is a halfblood, with her mother being a witch and her father being a man that died during a car crash when she was five years old. However, her age when the crash happened may vary.

    • She doesn’t visit her parents.

    • She has a habit of tugging at her bangs and pinching herself when she’s nervous.

    • What is on this profile is the most concrete data on Maeve; anything that she says that is not confirmed by the information here has the possibility of being a lie.

    and now you'll lead the way
    show the light of day
    nice work you did
    you're gonna go far kid
    trust, deceived
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